I come from a large family of visual, literary, and performing artists. At the age of three I began work on the violin and one year later finally acknowledged my need for some help with the endeavor. My mother, Clyde Watson, taught me for the following seven years until I went on to study at the New England Conservatory’s Preparatory School with Melba Sandberg and Magdalena Richter. Alongside my musical endeavors, however, I have always pursued visual art and the written word, incorporating these mediums into my expressive practices. I was blessed with the choice of whether or not to attend “regular” school and have always taken charge of my own education. I chose to Home School until the third grade at which point I got curious and asked to go to public elementary school, only to announce that I was going back home a year later, then back, then to boarding school in sophomore year, then back to public, on to college and then two grad schools and a yoga teacher training.

Forever a seeker, I am never satisfied and am always curious about myself, other people, life, and the world.